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Adara Ventures

by Rocio Pillado, Partner @ Adara Ventures

We recently welcomed to the Adara family, a Barcelona-based startup and pioneer in the fast-growing non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) ecosystem. The team has developed a technology that permits the creation and management of blockchain-based Living Assets, an evolved version of NFTs with the potential to power more scalable and sustainable business models in the virtual goods space.

Freeverse cofounders Toni Mateos (CTO), Alessandro Siniscalchi (Head of Engineering), Alun Evans (CEO) & Ferran Estallela (COO)

The $1 million seed round was led by Adara Ventures and 4Founders Capital, with participation from Seedway Ventures, Key Wolf, and several angel investors, including Luis Fernández, co-founder of Playgiga, another Adara portfolio company acquired by…

by Nico Goulet, Managing Partner

We are excited to welcome another ambitious venture to the Adara family this month: InteleXVision, a UK-based early-stage company that is disrupting the professional surveillance industry by enabling real-time video monitoring at scale.

Callum Wilson and Michael Vorstman have built a truly impressive and global team. From product development to commercial operations, Intelex brings together seasoned industry veterans with highly skilled technical expertise. We’re delighted to have led a £2.5m investment into the business alongside Inveready.

Credit: PCHVector

📹 The Opportunity: The increasing number of surveillance cameras in the world

The use of surveillance cameras is exploding. By the end of 2021, over one billion cameras will be installed…

by Ross Strachan, Principal Adara Ventures

We’re delighted to announce our first investment in Italy as we partner with P101 to invest in the €3.6m Serie A fundraising round of Cyber Guru, a Rome-based cybersecurity training and awareness software startup tackling cybercrime by focusing on the human factor.

We are excited to back founder and CEO Gianni Baroni and the whole Cyber Guru team on their mission to strengthen the defence against social engineering attacks.

The Cyber Guru Team at their Rome HQ

☢️ The Problem: employees are the most vulnerable line of defence, and the most attacked

Despite increasing levels of technological sophistication, employees continue to practice unsafe behaviours that have made the human factor the principal attack vector by which cybercriminals…

At Adara Ventures, we are searching for talented future VCs to join our team on our 4-6 month Investment Analyst Internship Program. The Program has three start dates, and you’ll join us either in September 2021, January 2022 or March 2022.

If you are passionate about technology & entrepreneurship, this could be your calling!

Internship Program

As an Investment Analyst you will:

  • work closely with all members of the investment team assisting in the analysis of market trends & investment opportunities.
  • perform competitive and industry analysis to support the firm’s investment decisions.
  • meet with some of the best technology companies in Europe…

by Alberto Gómez, Managing Partner

42Crunch, a global leader in API security, announced today that it secured $17 million in Series A funding led by Energy Impact Partners and with participation from Adara Ventures. We initially backed this exceptional team at the seed stage just 11 months ago, and we are delighted to support them again in their Series A round.

42Crunch cofounders Jacques Declas, Philippe Leothaud & Isabelle Mauny

⚡️ Securing the world’s APIs

APIs will become the #1 attack vector of cyberattacks by 2022 (Source: Gartner), yet many companies still lack API-specific security measures. …

by Ross Strachan, Principal, Adara Ventures

In May 2019, we launched our €80m third fund to continue backing the best early-stage enterprise tech founders in Europe.

Two years in, we’ve invested in eight phenomenal teams solving complex problems for the modern enterprise with their category-leading products.

Whilst their technologies and industry focuses may vary, there is a common thread that unites this portfolio: they are all founders with the vision, courage and capacity to execute.

👥 Apres: Transparent, responsible AI that Enterprises can trust 🇵🇹 🇺🇸

⚡️ 42Crunch: Securing the worlds APIs 🇬🇧 🇫🇷

👩‍⚕️ IOMED: Uniting clinical data worldwide

Alberto Gomez, Managing Partner and Jorge Baron, Analyst @Adara Ventures

Adara Ventures recently completed an initial investment in 42Crunch, the European cybersecurity startup based in London that is changing the way companies secure their API ecosystem.

We are thrilled to back Jacques, Philippe, Isabelle and their world-class team on their journey to secure the largest attack surface: APIs.

⚡️The Opportunity: APIs run the world (wide web)

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a set of functions and procedures that facilitate the safe, reliable and stable communication between two applications for the exchange of messages and data. Nowadays, APIs are everywhere, with 83% of all web traffic occurring via API.

☢️ The Problem: More APIs = More cyberattacks

Ross Strachan, Principal @Adara Ventures

U.S. and Portugal-based Apres this week announced the closing of a $1.5 million seed round to bring its explainable AI solution to market. We at Adara are delighted to back co-founders Matt, Subbu and the Apres team alongside Faber Ventures, Techstars and local angels.

☢️ The Problem: Enterprise AI adoption is constrained by a lack of transparency

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform the modern enterprise yet adoption is constrained due to an inherent lack of trust.

Enterprise interest in Artificial Intelligence is booming, with analysts predicting annual spend will grow to $110B by 2024. Unfortunately, the vast majority of that investment is lost as over 87%

Alberto Gómez, Partner, Adara Ventures

4iQ, the leader in identity intelligence, and Alto Analytics, a leader in applying AI & data science to the digital public sphere, today announced the two companies have merged and rebranded as Constella Intelligence (“Constella”), effective immediately.

Constella launches shortly after 4iQ raised $35m in a Series C financing and will see Kailash Ambwani become CEO and Alejandro Romero (founder and CEO of Alto), take up the role of COO. Julio Casal, 4iQ founder, will become CTO of Constella.

Having first backed the business in their seed round in 2013, we’re delighted to continue partnering…

Rocío Pillado (Partner) and Jorge Barón (Analyst), Adara Ventures

IOMED, a Digital Health company based in Barcelona, Spain, recently raised a €2M round from Adara Ventures, with the participation of existing investors Easo Ventures and SpeedInvest.

IOMED provides Data Access for the Hospital industry by connecting and uniting clinical data worldwide. IOMED’s technology accelerates the reuse of clinical data in hospitals enabling them to structure and access patient data more efficiently, whilst maintaining authority over data access and usage. It also allows hospitals to provide a secure and fully anonymized environment for researchers and partner companies to analyze the data.

Adara Ventures

We invest in boldly ambitious businesses, partnering with founders with vision, courage and the capacity to execute.

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