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  • Pascal Canfin

    Pascal Canfin

    Député Renew Europe. Président de la commission ENVI du Parlement européen.

  • Beonprice


    Beonprice is the cloud revenue strategy solution based on Artificial Intelligence that helps you increase the profitability of your hotel.

  • Alberto Gomez

    Alberto Gomez

    Deep-tech VC, based in Madrid, investing across Europe

  • Jordi Safont

    Jordi Safont

    Venture capitalist turned crypto enthusiast

  • Ramón Egea

    Ramón Egea

  • Cris C.

    Cris C.

    Lawyer, living in crypto, working with the Law. Revolution will be legal by deisgn. Not a cat! (@CarrascosaCris_)

  • Marc Clemente

    Marc Clemente

    Investment Analyst @ K Fund | Venture Capital

  • Daniel Díez

    Daniel Díez

    Product guy. Previously @ABA English, @Lernin, and @KFund. Startup lover.

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