How InteleXVision is redefining the real-time video surveillance market

🔍 iSentry: Tackling some of the biggest challenges in video surveillance using AI

💥 Superior video surveillance to empower any control centre

  • Instant anomaly detection — Any anomaly is flagged and sent to an alert stack, where iSentry applies machine learning to analyse the scene and classify the anomaly, introducing additional layers of deep learning as necessary for further contextualization.
  • Ability to handle complex & fast-moving video environments — Real-time alerting for high-risk areas, public spaces, and more. Capable of handling difficult and complex scenes in which predefined rules don’t apply.
  • Operate in a real-time environment without any bias — Reduces false positives and false negatives and helps operators make better choices.
  • Scale surveillance operations — Helps exponentially increase the number of cameras an operator can monitor, and reduces grueling shift changes.
iSentry Product Overview (English)
iSentry Product Overview (Spanish)



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