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How InteleXVision is redefining the real-time video surveillance market

by Nico Goulet, Managing Partner

It’s no secret that addressing security threats in physical environments in real-time is a growing challenge for enterprises. There is a fast-growing demand for solutions that combine video analytics with threat detection.

is a UK-based, early-stage company that has designed a called .

We believe that iSentry is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this demand with its exceptional team and product. We invested in the company’s last year alongside Inveready, and we continue to be impressed by the quality of execution that founders Callum Wilson and Michael Vorstman have exhibited.

Today, are using iSentry to deal with the challenges of mass video monitoring and analysis and take their

🔍 iSentry: Tackling some of the biggest challenges in video surveillance using AI

Video surveillance plays a crucial role in physical safety. However, today’s enterprise security systems are becoming more extensive and complex.

Behind the scenes, security control centres are dealing with thousands of cameras and to analyse, causing major strains on individual control room operators. A single controller can watch a video feed for 15 minutes before losing the ability to gain any useful information.

For many enterprises, monitoring and analysing massive amounts of video data manually is becoming prohibitively expensive and unscalable. The result is a reactive approach to security rather than an active approach. Today’s security teams need

This is where iSentry comes in.

💥 Superior video surveillance to empower any control centre

iSentry is a , focusing on the enhancement and capability of a control room operator to .

The platform focuses on extracting relevance and contextualization from video and making it available in a useful format for a control room environment.

With iSentry, control centre teams can achieve . Other benefits include:

  • — Any anomaly is flagged and sent to an alert stack, where iSentry applies machine learning to analyse the scene and classify the anomaly, introducing additional layers of deep learning as necessary for further contextualization.
  • — Real-time alerting for high-risk areas, public spaces, and more. Capable of handling difficult and complex scenes in which predefined rules don’t apply.
  • — Reduces false positives and false negatives and helps operators make better choices.
  • — Helps exponentially increase the number of cameras an operator can monitor, and reduces grueling shift changes.

It is estimated there are now more than .

iSentry puts control room operators back in charge, empowering them to work more efficiently and focus on making the critical decisions in which humans excel.

As iSentry continues to scale its customer base, we couldn’t be more excited to support Callum, Michael, and the rest of the team on their journey. 🙌

iSentry Product Overview (English)
iSentry Product Overview (Spanish)

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