Why we invested in Komon: Web3 platform to empower creator communities

Komon founders Sebastián Fernández-Medrano & Manuel Bevilacqua

The challenge: One-sided creator platforms

Digital creators face many challenges, often sacrificing ownership over their audiences and potential revenue depending on the platforms they choose to distribute their work. First-generation models (YouTube, Twitch, Spotify) have helped creators make money primarily through digital ads but still require a significant following and traffic numbers to generate meaningful revenue. And while second-generation models (Patreon, OnlyFans) have helped creators unlock additional revenue by charging fans subscription fees to access content, dependence on any one platform forever limits the creator’s potential audience size, engagement, and revenue.

Enter Komon: Enabling direct creator-community relationships

Komon offers an alternative to these existing models, helping creators regain control over their entire content production, monetization, and distribution processes.

The Adara view: Web3 & and empowering the new creator economy

We’re fascinated to see how Web3 will harness the power of digital communities and the future of commerce. To build and run these communities is time-consuming, costly, and complex, and we believe creator tools and platforms like Komon will catalyze audience engagement in the same way that e-commerce infrastructure has unlocked distribution for D2C brands.



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